Cloud Adoption With Focus on Security

We are a global company that delivers advanced ICT solutions and services, guiding our customers through their business and digital transformations.

Managed Cloud Service

With extensive experience in managing cloud, our team understands the challenges in cloud computing environments.

Risk Assessments

Identify the top threats and vulnerabilities facing your organisation and work with TechScandia to make informed, cost-effective decisions on how to address them. 

Managed Security Services

Secure your organisation 24/7 with the industry-leading expertise, methodologies and cyber threat intelligence of a managed detection and response provider.  

Unleash the power of cloud computing and virtualization

We house a passionate team of certified cloud developers and consulting experts for strategizing and building web and mobile apps on cloud. Our team has mastered top cloud platform services, cutting-edge technologies, DevOps, and CloudOps. We influence the markets with our microservices and serverless applications that are designed and developed by our cloud professionals.

DevOps Solutions

Successful DevOps enables fast, reliable software development and delivery for your customers. But scaling DevOps? That’s more complicated. Sprawling services, complex IT operations, countless systems spanning cloud to mainframe, and lack of automation are holding organizations back.

Our DevOps solutions won’t replace your existing CI/CD toolchain. Instead, they work with it—without getting in your way.

  • Reduce additional workloads that are typical of DevOps environments
  • Balance the conflict between velocity and risk, promoting the confidence and abilities you need for teams to move faster
  • Provide insights to identify value-add opportunities
  • Realize value across the business

Customized Risk Management

In an interconnected digital landscape, cybersecurity
risks pose a constant threat to businesses of all sizes.
At TechScandia, we specialize in cybersecurity risk
management, providing tailored services to protect your
organization’s digital assets from evolving threats.

We are in the heart of Copenhagen

Located in Copenhagen, our professional consultants create digital chemistry and provide the best solutions for our customers in a fast-paced digital environment. We ensure integrations that will automate workflows, optimize productivity and help your teams to gain a comprehensive view of customer data and new insights.

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From small businesses to enterprise-level corporations, we tailor our services to suit your specific needs.